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cash box keys

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Cash Box Keys

To enable us to provide you with the correct cash box keys we must have sufficent information about the cash box keys and / or lock. The majority of locks for cash boxes have a KEY SERIES and DIFFER NUMBER stamped on them as in the diagram below. Please enter these details and if necessary you will be prompted for more information.

If you suspect that your lock is broken we can send a replacement lock that can be easily fitted.

The KEY SERIES tells us the type and manufacture of the cash box keys.

The DIFFER NUMBER describes the cut.

Both numbers are needed to cut the correct cash box keys.

If neither the KEY SERIES or DIFFER NUMBER are show click here for more detailed guidelines.

Please enter the KEY SERIES followed by the DIFFER NUMBER for each key required. e.g. the correct number for the lock above would be 70534. If the KEY SERIES is not shown, then just enter the DIFFER NUMBER; you will be prompted for more information later.

If you require a large number of cash box keys you can enter 10 at a time, then press Purchase Keys, you will then have the option to return to this form and enter more key numbers.

Cash Box Keys

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