broken key in lock

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Broken Key In Lock

If you are having problems with say a broken key in lock then we are the people to see, ordering replacement keys couldn't be easier. For most locks the code number of your key is stamped on the face of the lock so you can simply make a note of the code and order the keys from our web site.

We do express key replacement which is ideal for a broken key in lock.

Broken key in lock ?

When ordering replacement keys for a broken key in lock you must provide all the information necessary. The code number that we need to cut the correct key is stamped on the original key and on the lockface, this should still be easy to see if you have a broken key in lock. It is vital that your order contains the whole key code ie both the key series and the differ number. The KEY SERIES tells us the type and manufacture of the key and the DIFFER NUMBER describes the cut. Both numbers are needed to cut the correct key.

Broken Key In Lock

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