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  Ordering Keys - We need the WHOLE Code
The KEY SERIES tells us the type and manufacture of the key.
The DIFFER NUMBER describes the cut.
Both numbers are needed to cut the correct key.

When ordering replacement keys you must provide all the information necessary. The code number that we need to cut the correct key is stamped on the original key and on the lockface. It is vital that your order contains the whole key code ie both the key series and the differ number. The KEY SERIES tells us the type and manufacture of the key and the DIFFER NUMBER describes the cut. Both numbers are needed to cut the correct key.

Provided that you tell us the full key codes and the quantity of each key required then you should be able to place a query free order.

Unfortunately the lockmakers do not always stamp the whole code on the lockface and even if they do it is not always easy to see.

Generally speaking, you are likely to have enough information if you have:
- 5 digits or more
- 3 digits or more + 1 or more letters
- 2 digits or more + 2 or more letters

You will NOT have enough information to order replacement keys with just 3 or 4 digits. The goal is to determine the Key Series to accompany the 3 or 4 digit differ number, which you will hopefully find from answering some of the following questions:
1) First recheck if there are any other letters/digits eg the "70" in the picture above might be quite faint and you may have initially only seen the "534" => you can now order 70534.
2) Where is the number stamped in relation to the keyhole - in the diagrams below you will see that 063 can be from at least 3 different key series but knowing where the number is stamped should reveal the correct series.
3) What equipment/furniture is the lock fitted to (eg desk, cupboard, locker) - if the key is for a metal filing cabinet and the number is in the range 201 - 400 then we will also be able to send you the correct key.
4) What is the shape and diameter of the lockface, and what finish - satin or shiny chrome?
5) Lock Manufacturer's name sometimes on the key or furniture manufacturer's name on the furniture may help.

Some common cases where different locks have the same digits include:

Any number between 001 and 999 for a desk may be a Dams, L&F70 or 78 series, MLM etc

Moreover, a number between 701 to 900 for a Desk Pedestal will be MLM 3701 - 3900 if the lock face is round, 17mm diameter with a dome front rather than the KT series 3001-4999 which has a flat face to the lock

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